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How I got to where I came to be.
If you’ve read much of this site, you should be getting an idea as to my approach. I start from a viewpoint of concept, brand and differentiation. As a person, I have a strong sense of curiosity, and I think this shows up in my writing. My goal is to create communications that will intrigue people and cause things to happen.
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My life. condensed.

My approach
Start with finding a differentiating factor. Keep this strongly in mind. Convert it into a selling concept.

Born: Montreal, Quebec. My father was Chief Librarian of a giant Canadian university and my mother worked in tourism writing. We moved to Vancouver, where I went to high school, followed by the University of Waterloo, Ontario.

London, England.
I went to London and slept in Piccadilly Circus, until I was accepted by St. Martin’s College of Art, where I completed a 1-year course in Fashion Illustration. My professional creative life began. London was crazy but kind to me. I wrote and art-directed ads for clothing stores like Robot and Flip and designed album covers for numerous rock bands, among them Squeeze.
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New York City began to lure me back across the Atlantic. Slaving in the Bullpen at Marvel Comics, I took advertising evening classes at the School of Visual Arts then barged in to the business. Advertising suited me: I worked for Ogilvy, Deutsch, K&B, McCann and other fine agencies, doing a mix of art direction and writing. Somehow, I won awards.

In 1999, I transitioned to fulltime copywriter, focusing on the digital world. I kept doing that and, in spare time, wrote a book. My (still) unpublished detective novel was a finalist in the 2008 Debut Dagger Awards for Mystery Writing in London, England.

Two brothers live in Vancouver, BC. Both work in the movie biz, in creative roles.

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I live in the East Village with my wife, Kathleen, a Director of Development at NYU. This year we bought a country house near Hudson, New York, where I enjoy cutting paths through our woods, wearing L.L. Bean shirts and thinking about painting the
barn. Currently installing geothermal power. My blog: is about travel, food, snowboarding and advertising.

Personal mantra: Your capabilities are infinite. The trick is to get other people to accept this notion.

Please feel free to
download my CV here.
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