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There are ways to say things. And then there are awesome ways to say things.
Attentions spans are Short. Repeat: Short. Sales copy has to be concise. Banners have to invite clicks. E-blasts have to be interesting. The great thing is, if you hire me you won’t have to worry about getting awesome copy, ever again.
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Banner ads. It's about clickabilty.

Samsung / Scenes from the Underground
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As a brand, Samsung wants to own the digital future, worldwide. The strategy: their new phone could be a fashion accessory for the international club crowd – early-adopters who spearhead consumer electronics. A series of banners led viewers to a website full of upcoming urban events, marketing the phones via desirable information.
AGENCY: Cheil     ART DIRECTORS: Various     WRITER: Watson / Make a journey
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The online voice of Condé Nast’s Traveler magazine, this elite website provides information that sophisticated travelers often can’t find elsewhere. Banners were written for a micro agency called Submarine, and stemmed directly from the ads we created for’s national magazine campaign.
AGENCY: Submarine     ART DIRECTOR: Dan Braun     WRITER: Watson
Smith Barney / Invested in Investment Managers
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Smith Barney’s ad campaign featured fund managers who had accumulated longterm success. The headlines focused on rugged individualism and character. Banners tied directly with my print campaign lines for direct ad agency, Earle Palmer Brown.
AGENCY: Earle Palmer Brown     ART DIRECTORS: Various     WRITER: Watson
IBM / Never dull and ordinary.
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My headline for a new range of desktop computers played off a true fact: the only part of a new consumer desktop computer that hadn’t been redesigned was, in fact, the plug.
AGENCY: Ogilvy One     ART DIRECTOR: Watson     WRITERS: Lependorf/Watson

E-blasts and Email letters. Blasting through clutter.

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United Airlines
Assignment: A prominent New York PR agency hired me to help brand United’s website. This e-blast offer was created for MileagePlus® customers to attract them into their mileage points section. Simplicity was a key goal.
Results: not known yet.
AGENCY: Confidential
WRITER: Watson
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I’ve performed several assignments for different client groups within HSBC. For reasons of confidentiality, I can’t include live copy or actual named products, so I recreated a B2B email letter here as a sample of what I could create for you.
AGENCY: HSBC Marketing
WRITER: Watson
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National Football League
Assignment: New business pitch to push the NFL Affinity Credit Card and Points can be spent on unique offers, including merchandise available only online. We introduced lines and graphics with a true football feel.
Results: My work won the e-blast campaign business in 2009.
AGENCY: Elser and Aucone
WRITER: Watson

Websites: The long and the short of it? I’ve written miles of content.

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My clients range from entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 companies. Why do they hire me? Two reasons. I have an ability to take complex information and make it simple, and I can take any person or business and identify what’s unique about them.
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