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New work, new clients, new developments

Original ideas can be hard to find. Until you call me.
Here’s where I announce my news and show off a few recent projects. I have often built brands from the ground up, but I now provide full website builds as well as corporate identities. In conjunction with handpicked creative boutiques, I've been helping some fascinating clients – from multinationals to startups. Marketing is about differentiation. That’s what my clients get.
Idea Hut: A Philadelphia ad agency needed an intelligent campaign.
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Smart thinking wins out every time.
Jim Smart is a real live person and a major player in financial services in Philadelphia. He sold his consultancy to a company in Boston for a few years, eventually buying it back. Idea Hut, the digital ad agency in South Jersey owned by Greg & Amy Beyer, hired me to write headlines announcing that Jim Smart was co-founding Smart Devine. I learned advertising in England. So yes, I believe that used correctly, word plays can be fun and capture attention.
Laufer Wind: A powerful website & brand identity.
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Even technical products need an emotional hook.
Laufer will make wind power more accessible all over the world. Their radar technology will keep air traffic safe while reducing light pollution–a primary barrier to windfarming. I won Laufer as a client and worked with Creative: Mint NY, as co-producers. We created a brandprint, a strategic roadmap, a logo, a clean look and a voice that speaks to both industrial wind farm owners and neighbors. Proof that tech should never be treated as boring.
Covanta: Recycled trash doesn’t require recycled headlines.
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Landfills should be erased from the earth.
Michael Benvenga Design brought me in to collaborate (and discuss beer & brisket). Covanta is a world leader at producing energy from trash. This alleviates massive methane emissions caused by landfills and enables communities to self-generate power. We create everything from internal posters to print ads introducing Covanta to 45 major cities across the US. Is it weird talking about incinerating trash, then barbecue? Not to us.
e9 Digital: Marketing agencies can use marketing help, too.
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Digital spoken here.
e9 Digital is a boutique ad agency–one that goes far beyond usual internet marketing. Conrad Strabone leads a team that uses innovative, interactive hooks and techniques. They build innovative websites that rise above the noise of competition and actually generate sales leads. e9 hired me to write their beautiful new site, which I encourage you to visit.
eDining News: Serving up Social Marketing.
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The assignment: Help an entrepreneur to market social marketing.
The brainchild of David Hillman, eDining News is a great example of the way new entrepreneurs are putting social marketing to work. Using information entered voluntarily into a restaurant’s reservation system, he combines exclusive offers, invitations and videos with social media. Goal? To encourage valuable repeat customers. I created ads & POS materials to help David sell his concept to restaurateurs. It's working well.
Call me whenever you need copy that works hard but stays stylish, at 1.917.747.7821.
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